Objects database

Database of weapons and delivery systems

The Nuclear War Simulator allows you to create detailed scenarios with full control over every detail of the objects deployed on the map. You can design warheads place them on missiles and mount them on delivery systems like aircraft or submarines. However, you can also skip all these steps and create a scenario quickly by using predefined objects.

NWS includes a database of almost all currently deployed nuclear weapons and delivery systems known to the public.

Some interesting historical or experimental weapons are also included. You can, for example, take the Tsar Bomba in its original 100 MT configuration and mount 10 of them on an ICBM.

Warheads can be placed on ballistic missiles, cruise missiles or gravity bombs. These missiles are then part of various static or moving objects like missile silos or submarines. Every warhead, missile, nuclear-capable aircraft, TEL and submarine that can be found in modern nuclear weapons arsenals can be instantly used in NWS.

The list of historical weapons will be growing in the future and if you can’t find something you can easily design it yourself. Unconventional delivery systems like hypersonic weapons and torpedoes will probably be added in the future.

Database of object locations

Doing the research on nuclear weapons arsenals and then placing each individual object on the map can take a lot of time. In order to make scenario creation easier NWS already includes a large number of object groups in their correct locations. For example, it is possible to place the complete US nuclear weapons arsenal with just two clicks. Placing subsets of the arsenal, like a specific missile silo field or all tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, is also possible.

Locations of military bases are also provided. They do not play an active role in a conflict but serve as targets for nuclear weapons in order to create a realistic distribution of detonation locations.

Such groups of nuclear weapons and military bases are predefined for all nuclear weapons states and for some European countries.

You can always place the objects yourself and create such object groups if something is not available yet. There are multiple ways to do it in the Nuclear War Simulator:
– clicking on the map
– entering the latitude and longitude coordinates
– entering a Wikipedia link (coordinates will be automatically extracted from the internet)
– importing objects from kmz files
– using map images as an overlay to place objects

The level of detail of this database is not equal for all countries and weapon types. While there is a lot of information on the strategic arsenals of Russia and the United States due to arms control treaties, there is much less information on the exact numbers and characteristics of tactical nuclear weapons and arsenals of other countries.