Why is the MIRV footprint is a circle? In real life it is oval.

The MIRV footprints are simulated as circles in order to simplify the targeting and the execution process for the user. If the footprint were to be modeled as ovals, the missiles could only be launched from a narrow set of positions and maybe overwhelming the user with complexity.

Will command and control be modeled?

A communication system is modeled but not very well tested. All commands can propagate from the president to the units through a network of communication relays. However, this system is not very well tested and is reduced to a minimum at the moment. There is no AI available in the simulation, the user is pushing all red buttons.

Will depressed trajectories be possible?

Maybe. The ballistic missile flight is using minimum energy trajectory at the moment. Depressed trajectories are possible in the future.

Will wind direction be considered?

There is a wind database included in the simulation. Winds for each month of a year, four days of a month and four times of a day are available.

What is the engine used for the simulation and will it be online?

The simulation is built in the Unity3D engine. It will not be online, but will be a stand-alone application that has to be downloaded. The size will be 3 GB because of the large datasets used in the simulation.

Known issues

Casualties are not calculated

You will need a somewhat modern GPU capable of DirectX 11 to calculate casualties. You can try to update your GPU driver and your DirectX to the latest versions. You can try running it as administrator. You can try executing one of the OpenGL.bat files in the installation folder. Also, if you have an onboard GPU, make sure you are running it on the dedicated High-Performance GPU. If none of this works, please send me your Player.log file from C:\Users<your user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Ivan Stepanov\Nuclear War Simulator to my email ivan.stepanov.nws@gmail.com