The goal of this project is to build a realistic simulation and visualization of large-scale nuclear conflicts with a focus on humanitarian consequences. There are currently over 13000 nuclear weapons on this planet of which over 9000 are in military stockpiles. This software should help you answer the question: what will happen if Russia and the United States or India and Pakistan use their arsenals?
There are a lot of interlocking systems and processes in a nuclear conflict: the command and control system, locations and movement of forces, weapons delivery systems, and humanitarian consequences. By simulating the most relevant of these systems you should be able to tell a credible story about how nuclear conflicts play out and what are the consequences.
The simulation is developed in Unity and will be distributed as a stand-alone application.

Features overview

Currently implemented features:

  • visualize and calculate effects of nuclear weapons (thermal radiation, overpressure, fallout and mass fires) on a high-density population grid (similar to Alex Wellerstein’s NUKEMAP)
  • visualization of overpressure, thermal radiation, the radiation dose from fallout, areas affected by mass fires, population density and casualties density (prompt radiation is not considered)
  • effects from hundreds to thousands of explosions can be calculated and visualized in seconds
  • design and place nuclear forces to recreate current, past or future arsenals using an intuitive UI
  • create attack plans and conflict scenarios and share them with others
  • place yourself, your family and your friends inside the simulation and calculate the probability of your survival
  • simulate the dynamics and timing of the conflict and effects of a first strike using a damage model based on CEP and overpressure
  • simple production cost model: how many weapons can a country build if it wants to?

Some more details can be found in the screenshots-section. Technical details on the models and databases being used here will be added soon. Follow me on twitter to stay updated.

Work in progress

This simulation is not yet finished. Some aspects are not very accurate or missing entirely: ballistic missiles flight times are only approximate, nuclear winter model is not complete. Some models may have to be replaced completely in the future. Please let me know if you detect some severe inaccuracies. If you think you can use this simulation in one of your projects but some calculation or visualization is missing please contact me and I will try to implement it.

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